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Business Intelligence

A recent CIO survey showed that business intelligence (BI) applications were the highest technology priority. As a result, many organizations are focused on modernizing their BI infrastructures and practices — including information management, data quality and data integration — to improve agility and efficiency and optimize costs.

In addition to back-office strategic intelligence reports and analysis, Garima customers can provide operational intelligence to front-line employees, business partners and customers. Active Enterprise Intelligence, the executive and industry consultant view of business benefits derived when a single data warehouse provides both strategic and operational intelligence, has a positive impact on the quality of decision making throughout the enterprise.

Business Intelligence provides key insight into the active state of your Publishing Platform for Retail tools. Get answers to critical questions, such as how well is your signage system working for you and in what areas can improvements be made?


Store Operations Reporting

Store Operations Reporting help store operations managers gain visibility into the actual execution of publishing tasks in each store within the organization. With Store Operations reports:

  • Discover if batches are printed at the right time and avoid incorrect pricing at the shelves
  • Find out if a particular store or user is doing excessive ad-hoc creation or reprinting
  • Understand how much time is needed to plan for signing activities
  • Proactively order supplies

Visual Merchandising Reporting provides a real-time look at the use of the template portfolio and the quality of content on signs. With Visual Merchandising reports:
  • Discover which templates are used frequently, infrequently or not at all
  • Understand how rich the content is on your signs
  • Figure out what content is necessary to release to stores on time

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