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Enterprise Content Management System

Evolving world, evolving technologies, evolving business strategies - To keep up with all these evolutions, organizations also need to evolve their content management strategies and services. An enterprise content management solution is aimed at providing enterprises with an efficient information management system, focusing on platform competencies and related domains.

Since a huge amount of data in an organization's information system is unstructured, the Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) is emerging as an important tool in terms of data management. Having a Content Management System (CMS) integrated into your business model enables you in getting your jobs done efficiently, making well-informed decisions and to be a smarter organization with rapid access to information and services.


There are multiple benefits of utilizing the features of an enterprise content management system, some of which are listed as under :

Cost-effective : Integrating a CMS into an application is a highly cost-effective solution to managing large amounts of data and increasing data volume. A CMS effectively reduces costs related to system development, maintenance and infrastructure to manage existing and incoming data. It also reduces process automation costs and improves system efficiencies.

Efficient data management: A CMS enables enterprises to effectively manage their business-critical data in a single platform/ interface, thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency of applications. Also, people can easily access any information related to the organization's functions and services for improving business process automation.

To ensure that more information is accessible in a better and streamlined manner, businesses can implement a CMS to ensure continuity of their systems and to ensure faster disaster recovery.
Managing the information and content on a CMS is quite easy, as it can be accessed and updated anytime and from anywhere.
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Organizations have intellectual capital in the form of information such as documents, articles, videos, instant messages, Web pages etc., that is dispersed throughout the organization. This information is duplicated, lost and difficult to manage and control. Organizations may be vulnerable if certain sensitive information is misplaced, lost or made available to unauthorized people. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) provides solutions to resolve these issues by providing mechanisms for organizations to store, retrieve, manage and control all the content that exists in the organization.

What is Enterprise Content Management?

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is an umbrella of tools and strategies that allow an organization to create, manage, deliver, store and dispose content and documents related to organization’s business needs.ECM tools and strategies allow the management of an organization's unstructured information, wherever that information exists.

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